Web Designer & Illustrator

Hi, I'm Martina Troisi a Web Designer Graphic Designer Art Director and I love to bring creativity and originality to every project I work on.

What can I do for you?

Web design: more than just coding

In the current hyper-connected era, UI and UX design have become increasingly crucial in establishing a compelling online presence.

Leveraging my proficiency in graphic design, illustration, and development, I can assist you in crafting a website that not only boasts an appealing appearance but also ensures a seamless user experience.

Graphic design: The beauty of synthesis

If you’re seeking a personalized logo, a brand identity or compelling marketing materials, I invite you to peruse my portfolio to view my previous projects. If you find my work aligns with your vision and goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your project’s requirements further.

Illustration: I love to draw, that’s no a secret

I am capable of creating illustrations that cater to your brand, studio, or website’s unique needs. Whether you require a digital or traditional medium, or prefer vector or raster techniques, simply specify your preferred subject matter, and I will bring it to life.

My most recent experience

From 17/04/2023 to today - Illustrator, web & graphic designer at Kina S.r.l.

From April 2023, I’ve been employed as an illustrator of wallpapers, web designer, and graphic designer at Kina Srl, specializing in the printing of artistic wallpapers, stickers, decals, window stickers and so on. In this role, I’ve contributed creative designs, collaborated with teams, and ensured high-quality visual outputs across various projects, showcasing my skills in illustration, web design (for the company websites), and graphic design (for many Kina’s clients).

Do you need my services?

Some of my Web works:

UI design by Figma and website develop by WooCommerce and Elementor

UX design studio and exercise made during the Start2impact design course

UI design by Figma, illustration by illustrator and Photoshop and website develop by Elementor

Some of my illustrations works:

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