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“There is only one way to always feel like a child: to keep growing”

As an Italian UX/UI designer (and developer), illustrator and graphic designer, I have always been passionate about the world of art and design. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for creativity, I enjoy transforming complex ideas into visually stunning and user-friendly designs.

Continuous learning is crucial for success in any field, which is why I am constantly seeking new knowledge and skills to apply to every project. With every new challenge, I approach it with enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

My ultimate goal is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of my clients through exceptional designs. I believe that good design has the power to positively impact people’s lives, and I am committed to making that a reality through my work.

Istruction, a journey... that never ends!

2022 Learn UI design course.

Throughout this UI design course, I gained a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. I gained hands-on experience with industry-standard software like Figma, and learned the importance of design systems in creating user-friendly interfaces. My studies also introduced me to the latest trends and techniques in the field, equipping me with the tools needed to create effective UI designs.

2021 Start2impact UI-UX design course

This web design course taught me how to create effective and user-friendly websites. I studied material UI design, web usability and accessibility best practices, and techniques for market analysis and UX. Through a series of exams, I honed my skills in website analysis, prototyping, graphic design, copywriting, HTML, and CSS, becoming proficient in each.

28/02/2019 Academy of Fine Arts - L’Aquila, Master Degree

Graduating with 110/110, I trained in aesthetics, graphic design, color theory, and composition at the Academy. My artistic pursuits extended beyond the classroom, attending exhibitions and events while working on my thesis project: a collection of unconventional fairy tales inspired by news articles. During thi period, I also obtained a B2 level of English proficiency.

28/09/2016 Academy of Fine Arts - L’Aquila, Bachelor Degree

With a grade of 110/110, my art studies delved into modern and contemporary art. I learned about perception theory, psychology of form, aesthetics, composition, pictorial techniques, and artistic anatomy, gaining a solid foundation in each.

My most recent experience

From 13/01/2022 to today - Art director & Web designer at Lizard Agency

As an Art Director and Web Designer at Lizard Agency, I have honed my skills in designing and creating visually stunning websites using industry-standard tools like Figma, WordPress and Elementor. I have also created custom HTML and CSS elements to further enhance the user experience. In addition to website design, I have created captivating illustrations and animations for a range of clients and events, such as Golden Bridge, Keep Grow, ACSI, Eurosommelier, and more. I have even leveraged the power of After Effects to create engaging animated content for clients.

From 27/10/2021 to 15/12/2021 - Graphic designer at The Digital World (Abruzzo)

In this short period, before starting to work for the Lizard Agency, I created digital and paper content to advertise companies and individuals. I designed and created social posts, small animations, GIFs and stories through After Effect and Vista Create as well flyers and posters.

From January to November 2021 - Freelance Visualizer for Kantar

For several companies via Kantar. My role was to represent the concepts that emerged during the company brainstorming visually and in real time. The meetings were completely in English as the brands were mainly foreign (Nestlè, Bolton Manetti etc..)

From 16/01/2020 to 16/01/2021 - School tutor for Universal civil service.

During the civil service I assisted very young students from other countries in the study and integration. Specifically, I designed both educational and recreational activities to help them learn the Italian language and complete their afternoon homework

From 16/01/2017 to today Illustrator Freelance.

During the period in which I was a freelance, I designed Brand Identity, logos, icons, graphic proposals (digital and paper) and illustrations eventually with the collaboration with the whole creative team.

15/23/10/2016: “Together” Project (org. Zerinthia) - Paliano (FR).

After the first thesis, I was sent to participate in a restricted art exhibition in Paliano in which I exhibited “Miuches e Thanatos”, a mixed work focused on rot and mushrooms.

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Tools & Software

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effect
  • Indesign
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Miro
  • Vista Create
  • WordPress 
  • Elementor e Woocommerce
  • Bootstrap

Hard Skills

  • UI-UX Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (base)
  • Prototyping and website development: Bootstrap, WordPress, Elementor
  • Copywriting
  • Knowledge of color and shape
  • Theory and psychology
  • Traditional illustration techniques
  • Digital drawing (Raster & Vectorial)
  • Graphic design

Soft Skills

  • Speed
  • Passion
  • Accuracy
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Curiosity
  • Diliget
  • Love for studying
  • Optimization of times, materials and energies


  • Italian (mother tongue)
  • English (professional knowledge)

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