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My website Portfolio containing projects related to: web design, illustration and graphic design

The Goal

The goal was to create a portfolio site that represented me not only as a professional, but also as a person. The site had to be engaging and original but, at the same time, allow for optimal navigation.

Figma, Illustrator, Elementor

My role as a Web Designer and Illustrator

Naturally, since the site was a personal project, I did every single part of it, from illustrations to architecture and interface design, from copywriting to SEO and development (via Elementor).

Based on the modus operandi of web designer and ui-designer portfolios, I extrapolated the common effective and communicative structure on which to build my work. Later I synthesized a visual style that represented me and was, at the same time, effective.


Style sheet

Buttons & Icons




CTA hover

Important items

Typography Desktop

Designing process

My website design process started with creating wireframes and mockups that helped me establish functionality and relationships between different pages.

Drawing Wireframes on paper is an effective way to start to create site structure, relations and to place points of interest in the most effective areas. Once the wireframes were established, I moved on to creating the high-fidelity prototype on Figma, a model that incorporates not only the graphic design and content, but also the animations and hyperlinks.

Low-fidelity wireframe: Home

Low-fidelity wireframe: About me

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